Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warm Days

This weekend we had some great warm weather here in Fairbanks. Temperatures reached 60 degrees both days so it was perfect for outdoor fun and spring projects. Here in Alaska if the temperature is above 50 degrees we consider that "t-shirt" weather"! In the picture below the boys actually have jackets on, but that didn't last long. They ended up on the ground after the fun started. Usually the snow around this area is not great for packing into snowballs, but with warmer temperatures melting the snow just a little it makes it ideal! Jake's friend Tane joined the fun as they created a zany alien snowman. They also entertained themselves by building a snow fort and then David joined them for a snowball fight, with a little help from Spencer our dog. Spencer didn't like the idea of throwing snowballs, so he just attached with his paws and was able to take down much of the fort.....the boys retaliation........"guess we'll have to build another one". Nothing can break your spirit on such a BEAUTIFUL day!
I was able to work on refinishing some cabinets. A friend was getting new ones in her kitchen, so she gave the old ones to us. I hope to use them in my laundry room for extra storage! Although stripping and painting cabinets is no picnic, it does make me feel good to be able to refuse items that others have discarded! David also hung one in his shed so that he could organize his tools a little better....aaaaahhhh the joys of Spring.

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Eluciq said...

jealous of your 60F weather...but not of you stripping kitchen cabinets...you have more patience that me.