Friday, April 11, 2008

Birdhouse break-in and other crimes....

Yes it seems we are having a crime spree here at the Foshee household. A few days ago we discovered that someone had broken the front off the birdhouse and although we have some VERY large crows in the area, I am pretty sure they aren't the culprits.

The unlawful acts don't end there. One of the favorite red cowboy dress-up boots was found tattered along with Zoe's bike helmet, chewed into pieces.
The final straw came when I found some of my yarn scattered on the floor, and it was in my knitting bag!!!! Now who was able to get in there?????? I have a sneaky suspicion about this bandit, since most of the items had teeth marks, and there were distinctive black hairs near all of the crime scenes.
I conclude that it is one spoiled puppy names Spencer. I guess we'll just have to take him back to Golden Retriever Rescue.......but I don't think I will be able to convince the kids. They just love him too much, and after all they are the ones who paid for him with their Christmas money. Guess we'll be making another trip to Cold Spot for some more pigs ear bones. That may or may not stop the offender, but what else can you do?

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Eluciq said...

You should put Spencer in the Naughty Chair...giggle :) Love this first I was thinking it would be an early bear...but then when you mentioned knitting..I knew exactly who you were talking about...but he is sooo cute!