Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soccer Champions::Winter Fun

Well, it was another winning season for Jake, for those of you who might not have kept up with us during the summer, Jake's football team the Saints went undefeated and won the rookie Championship. Not only did his indoor soccer team have a undefeated season, they also won the soccer tournament this past weekend! There was a conversation after the games on Saturday that assured me that Jake understands winning isn't everything. David, "Well Jake what if your team had lost or you play for a team that loses next time." Jake, "It still would have been fun and I learned a lot." Jake's skills did improve greatly during the time that he played, but he is still choosing to play football again this summer instead of outdoor soccer.

Monday morning we woke up to 6 inches of new snow....ugh...and we thought spring was just around the corner. That evening after dinner David took the boys outside for a much needed, and equally exciting romp in the snow. Even Spencer got into the action, although Zoe decided she would stay indoors.

Yes those are icicles "stabbing" Jake...YIKES!

As for me, I was at my last knitting class, (boo, hoo) working on the "finishing" for Zoe's sweater....stay tuned for some photo's of the "premier" sweater, coming to a blog near you soon!"Come on out and join the fun, so I can deck ya with a snowball"

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Eluciq said...

Way to go Jake...I think Soccer kicks booty!!!!

Oh how I dread the snow...we are getting snow right now...UGH! But good to see those smiles out in the fluffy stuff!

poor you Stacy...wish your knitting group could meet all the time...it is good for the mama to get away for sure!