Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Let's just say that our Spring has gotten pretty busy. Jake's soccer team decided to enter a single elimination tournament this week so he has games Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and they will play on Saturday for the championship if they win all of their games during the week. His team the Silver Surfers, won all of their regular season games and they won their first game of the tournament last night.....but it was a nail biter....2-0.
Ben is taking swimming lessons at the Alaska Club and learning to put his face in, jump off the diving board, and float on his back. He is a little more shy when it comes to being in the water, so we thought it might be a good idea to take a few lessons before we head to Oklahoma this summer to visit family....where we will probably LIVE in the pool at Granny and Grandpa's. Sorry I don't have any pictures of Ben swimming, our camera doesn't take great shots indoors where there are high ceilings.

And finally, my new obsessing...knitting. Yes, to all those friends who tried so patiently to teach me to knit, I was finally able to take a class and I am making a sweater for Zoe. After my first class she wanted to know if it was finished....two months later she is patiently waiting for me to get it off my needles. Like with any new knowledge, there is a great new website, Ravelry that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. You can make friends, view pictures of other peoples finished projects, and queue things that you just can't wait to knit in the future. I joined a group called the Fairbanks Fiber-ist, who meet up every Wednesday night at the Alaska Coffee Roasters for coffee, treats, dinner, and of course the latest knitting buzz. It has been a great way for me to meet friends and learn about knitting. Well here is a shot of the sweater, by the time I get it done it will be too warm to wear it.


buck said...

Amy and I are doing the soccer thing too with Max. Swimming - check. What's up with you women having social clubs. My wife is doing dinner with a group of girls every other Monday. I think they use it as an excuse to drink beer which I completely understand that...

Elliotts in Ada

Erin said...

Looks like you're keeping busy in Fairbanks! The site is great, Stacy. Welcome to the blogging world. :-)

Erin (& Bill)

Eluciq said...

YIPPEE...I am so glad you started your blog....it looks great...and I love to read about all that is going on in your lives in Fairbanks.

Just keep on blogging...but watch out it is addictive!

Mrs. Elliott said...

I am so glad that you are blogging. I love being able to read about what's going on in your life. And the pictures make me happy.

I can't wait to see y'all this summer.