Friday, April 18, 2008

Game Night::Games we heart

I grew up in a house full of relatives who loved to play games. The card game that I remember them playing most was called "pitch", it involved bidding, catching tricks and calling the suit. I recall my aunt Naydine saying, "Are we going to eat, or play cards?" She was a pretty serious card player. My mom once told me that she wouldn't play with my Papa because he was too lucky. Later my cousin Jean introduced Canasta and that became the favorite card game. Just about every holiday at my house centered around cards, games, and of course food!

Well, needless to say, I LOVE games and I am quickly passing my love of games along to my children. At least once a week we try and have an official "game night" where everyone in the family gets to choose a game to play. For most birthdays I make sure the kids get a new game for us to try out and I thought I would share some of our favorites here.

Zoe's chosen game is called Hiss. This is a prize "card game" because the kids don't have to hold the cards in their hands, you know how frustrating it can be for little ones. The object of the game is to create snake according to their color and orientation on the card. A terrific spacial game, since you have to place your card so that it matches up with the rest of the snake! Every player adds their "puzzle" piece until each snake has a head and a tail.

Another favorite it Don't Make Me Laugh Jr. We played this game at our friend Deb's house and of course it was SO much fun we just had to have it! This is one of those "great for all ages" games. There is no real strategy to this game and pretty much everyone wins.....'cause you're all laughing! During Ben's turn he was asked to act like a fairy godmother, Ben raised his invisible magic wand and said, "Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo turn this box into a fox." This game lets you run WILD with your imagination. Board game, Ha Ha Ho Ho cards, dice, clown nose, game pieces included, but you must add your own giggles!

An oldie but goody around our house is Stratego. This is of course a great strategy and for younger kids who aren't sure if it is a general, or miner they can use the numbers instead. Of course it is best to play while you are wearing a crown and your sister is serenading you with a tune on the recorder!
Here is a list of other games on our shelf
The aMAZEing Labyrinth
Alaska Monopoly
Uno Attack
4 Way Count Down

And of course you don't have to play the games by the "rules". Below Jake, Ben, and Zoe have made a maze with the pieces of Quoridor. The object of "their game" try to get your knight out of the trap. Don't you just LOVE games, I learn something new every time I play. So tell me, what's your favorite game?


Eluciq said...

Oh boy...we don't have an official game night, but we do like to play them when the spirit rises.

Here are some of our faves:
Uno Attack! of course
Dominoes--Chicken Foot
Catch Phrase
Max-a cooperative game
Rat-a-Tat Cat(you guys introduced it to us)

I am sure I could go on and is one that I don't really like to play, but my boys' LOVE it...MouseTrap!

mamaofsugarpies said...

Oh boy we don't have some of those! We'll have to check them out and I have to tell you Uno Attack has been one of the favorites since we got it for Christmas. Thanks for introducing us to that one! We have Mouse Trap too, got it at a rummage sale and it's not one of my faves either...but Ben LOVES to play, maybe I should change the post to say games I heart!