Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girl's night out

Tuesday night I hosted the our local knitting group at my house for some good food, great laughter, and fancy creations. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think we had an all time high attendance with 19 knitters!

Kat talks about yarn so fine, it's become her new boyfriend...wink

Classic Kate knitting and rocking

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Golden Days Parade

Yet another exciting event to attend in the greater Fairbanks area happened this past weekend. According to the local paper the Golden Days Celebration is one of the largest community events, with activities that lasted all week long. This is an occasion to honor the area's history (check here for more information). Of course the parade was the highlight for my family. Jake & Dad were actually in the procession to support the Fairbanks American Football & Cheerleading League.

There were 103 entrants, all with plenty of flair & presented in a variety of ways. Of course there were handfuls of candy & American flags passed out to the little ones. I have noticed that no candy was throw, but handed to individuals, I wonder if it's to help cut down on the littering??? I definitely like this idea better than when I was a little girl and you had to scramble to get your candy.

There were fancy old cars

floats of all types

the second float was actually pulled by a tractor, look close, see the signs? One says: tractor 1947, and the other sign says: driver 1928.

There was a variety of music

several organizations

but this guy had to be my favorite....the Trashasauras, what a cleaver way to inform people about our growing problem with plastic bags and remind everyone to take reusable totes with them when they shop...

After the parade was over the downtown Fire Station had a very grand open house. Firemen cooked up free hot dogs which were served with chips and sodas. Kids could win a free Hot Licks Ice Cream certificate for promising to check their household fire alarms. They could also spray the water hose at a wooden house on fire and try to knock down the flames, slide down part of the pole and check out the inside of several fire trucks. What a terrific end to a fun filled free family day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Baby....number four?

Yes, I have to say that baby fever has hit me again. I know my kids are all able to go to bed without rocking, wipe their own hiney (yes diaper free after 8 years), and feed themselves.....but still there is that yearning to hold a little one in your arms, watch them suckle at the breast, sing them to sleep, and the awe one feels seeing them reach milestones. Babies are just...... well..... irresistible! What in the world you ask brings these feelings up after things were pretty much "fixed" so to speak. We had the "Oh yea well I birthed three children and carried them for nine months each, so I am thinkin' its your turn baby". But tell me who could resist this little jewel?
Blake is back in our lives a couple of days a week. We ALL really love having him around. There is something about watching the love of your life and the father of your children play with a just takes your breath away and I thank my lucky stars that I have such a terrific man in my life. Check out these pictures with his own little sugar pies!
Jake resting on Daddy at our place in Teller

Jake checking out his new baby brother with Dad at the Haviland's

Zoe cuddling with Daddy, while you see Allison snuggling with Granny in the background

I have thought about the all night feedings, diapers up to your elbows, spit-up laden shirts, never feeling like you have a moment for yourself, and just falling into the bed every night knowing that you won't possibly hear the baby if she cries, but waking the second she does........ so I guess for now we'll just enjoy Blake and the Foshee Five will stay that way, but we can at least keep practicing!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh the things we've been up to.....

Busy in the last couple of weeks doesn't even describe the Foshee Family life here is a synapse of what our crazy fun filled life....

Pictures from top left, Allison's very late felted birthday bag::finding a Sea Gull nest when fishing with dad::canoing down the Chena/Tanana Rivers on the 4th of July with the Hums::harvesting from the garden::::enjoying rain & sunshine::canoe fishing with dad and the fun continues with

visiting with our friend Paula from Teller and playing games
knitting with the Fairbanks Fiberista's at InuaJake and Ben both started football
finishing up a very over sized calorimetry for Tina's birthday
and the list of adventures continues, but I will save that for another day....or post!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jake's 9th birthday::Obstacle Course

By the time one reaches nine years old, there have been many obstacles to over come, some that we don't really even think about like jabbering, then talking, learning to crawl, then walk, next there are friendships to be made, experiencing loss, handling a move, traveling....the list just goes on and on. Jake, our big nine year old, has experienced many "obstacles" in his life and we though it would be fun to set up a course for his friends to run. He had a wonderful birthday....almost a week has been a little busy at the Foshee home. A few of Jake's friends from his football team came over for his bash and his friend Pippin, who has been staying with us for a couple of days, was also able to attend! When the kiddos arrived they made medallions to hang around their necks and take home as prizes, I have trouble with all of the cheap plastic goodie bag stuff, since it usually breaks and ends up in the garbage, so I found wooden shapes we could decorate, add some ribbon and you have a medallion, a great addition to any dress up trunk!The obstacle course was a big hit with all of the attendees. Jake traveled through the ladder with ease then it was on to the....
balloon table where Charlie had no problem finding his way

was the target! Kids would stand on here and Daddy would toss a water balloon for them to catch or if they missed they were able to cool off with a little splash!!!!Even Zoe was able to enjoy the obstacle course. Here she is walking on the balance beam, Daddy and Jake set up the whole course.....didn't they do a great job!
Ben breezed through the hula hoop jumping......and on to...rounding the arches goes Pippin, holding a ping-pong ball on a spoon with Spencer, the dog, following and finally....

Through the finish line Papa was holding where participants were rewarded with a cool Gatorade to quench their thirst after a fabulous run!Then on to yummy deserts and estimating how many marshmallows were in the jar.....Glen Jr. was the winner.
and then Jake blew out all of his candles.....hopefully all of his nine year old wishes will come true!