Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Friends::Good Food

Well, you know someone must be coming to visit if I am baking bread!!! I don't know what got me out of the habit, 'cause I baked every loaf of bread we ate when I was staying home with the kids and not working in Teller. Convenience of shopping at the store where bread of all kinds and flavors is right at my finger tips has spoiled me I guess, but there really is nothing like the sweet smell of bread baking. It is such a welcoming aroma.

So Zoe helped me mix and measure to make a few loaves of Focaccia bread from one of my favorite cookbooks. The Tassajara Bread Book. If you are a beginner this book gives wonderful instructions on kneading the dough and includes fabulous pictures. And if you have experience with bread making and want to try something new, this book includes 113 recipes from yeasted breads to desserts and everything in between!

Everyone needs a little something to get them going in the morning with their coffee, so we also whipped up some raspberry muffins to grab on the run. Of course Jake was helping and started saying, "Raspberry Jazzberry, Razzamatazzberry," so we had to go find the book Jamberry and read it while we ate our muffins. The raspberries have been in our freezer since last summer when we picked them from our bushes on the property, but they sure made yummy muffins!

Donna Pushruk was also able to take time out of her busy schedule at UAF to visit with Cynthia! Here they are trying to figure out some rather challenging math problems....yikes! Cynthia and I have been getting in some great visiting time even though she has conferences during the days to attend. Zoe is enjoying an extra person to read to her and I am LOVING catching up with my wonderful friend!

I just has to include a picture of the housewarming present Cynthia picked up at If Only a groovy little store in downtown Fairbanks. These are Original Clay Handwarmer Mugs created by Bob & Corina Neher in Milton-Freewater Oregon. Just slide your hand in and drink up! Thanks you Cynthia, we love them.

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Eluciq said...

i am headed out the door right now to come have some coffee in those cool mugs and eat some of those yummy muffins your kids made.

looks like fun at the foshee household.