Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Baby....number four?

Yes, I have to say that baby fever has hit me again. I know my kids are all able to go to bed without rocking, wipe their own hiney (yes diaper free after 8 years), and feed themselves.....but still there is that yearning to hold a little one in your arms, watch them suckle at the breast, sing them to sleep, and the awe one feels seeing them reach milestones. Babies are just...... well..... irresistible! What in the world you ask brings these feelings up after things were pretty much "fixed" so to speak. We had the "Oh yea well I birthed three children and carried them for nine months each, so I am thinkin' its your turn baby". But tell me who could resist this little jewel?
Blake is back in our lives a couple of days a week. We ALL really love having him around. There is something about watching the love of your life and the father of your children play with a just takes your breath away and I thank my lucky stars that I have such a terrific man in my life. Check out these pictures with his own little sugar pies!
Jake resting on Daddy at our place in Teller

Jake checking out his new baby brother with Dad at the Haviland's

Zoe cuddling with Daddy, while you see Allison snuggling with Granny in the background

I have thought about the all night feedings, diapers up to your elbows, spit-up laden shirts, never feeling like you have a moment for yourself, and just falling into the bed every night knowing that you won't possibly hear the baby if she cries, but waking the second she does........ so I guess for now we'll just enjoy Blake and the Foshee Five will stay that way, but we can at least keep practicing!


Eluciq said...

they can reverse those vasectomies ya know...giggle! oh all those babies...i do not miss it one bit...okay just the breast feeding part...i loved it...and well the being pregnant part...i loved that too...but the first 5 months after the birth...UGH...UGH...UGH!

sarah said...

We are thankful that Blake is a part-time member of the Foshee Five.

Robin Kay said...

These are the best pictures ever! Makes me miss my babies so much. I miss you all so much and wish that we could see each other way more than we do. David and Stacey ya'll are the most amazing parents and people that I know. Love you all and take care! Love your cuz!