Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jake's 9th birthday::Obstacle Course

By the time one reaches nine years old, there have been many obstacles to over come, some that we don't really even think about like jabbering, then talking, learning to crawl, then walk, next there are friendships to be made, experiencing loss, handling a move, traveling....the list just goes on and on. Jake, our big nine year old, has experienced many "obstacles" in his life and we though it would be fun to set up a course for his friends to run. He had a wonderful birthday....almost a week has been a little busy at the Foshee home. A few of Jake's friends from his football team came over for his bash and his friend Pippin, who has been staying with us for a couple of days, was also able to attend! When the kiddos arrived they made medallions to hang around their necks and take home as prizes, I have trouble with all of the cheap plastic goodie bag stuff, since it usually breaks and ends up in the garbage, so I found wooden shapes we could decorate, add some ribbon and you have a medallion, a great addition to any dress up trunk!The obstacle course was a big hit with all of the attendees. Jake traveled through the ladder with ease then it was on to the....
balloon table where Charlie had no problem finding his way

was the target! Kids would stand on here and Daddy would toss a water balloon for them to catch or if they missed they were able to cool off with a little splash!!!!Even Zoe was able to enjoy the obstacle course. Here she is walking on the balance beam, Daddy and Jake set up the whole course.....didn't they do a great job!
Ben breezed through the hula hoop jumping......and on to...rounding the arches goes Pippin, holding a ping-pong ball on a spoon with Spencer, the dog, following and finally....

Through the finish line Papa was holding where participants were rewarded with a cool Gatorade to quench their thirst after a fabulous run!Then on to yummy deserts and estimating how many marshmallows were in the jar.....Glen Jr. was the winner.
and then Jake blew out all of his candles.....hopefully all of his nine year old wishes will come true!


DMOP said...

oh how cool!! ah, wish i were there for his bday. looked super fun! i really miss all of you.


Jill said...

Stacy, you have always been so creative. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun. Be sure and give Jake a big Birthday High Five from the Fife household.

Love you,


Chum said...

Bday gift on the way. As usual I would not even be on time for my own death. :) Thanks for taking Pippin he is going through Jake withdrawls, and wishing he had a mama half as cool as you.

Eluciq said...

you are such a creative mama...i love all your great ideas...i am going to hire you to come and do the boys' birthday in december, then i could see you and get out of being the party planner...giggle ;)