Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girl's night out

Tuesday night I hosted the our local knitting group at my house for some good food, great laughter, and fancy creations. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think we had an all time high attendance with 19 knitters!

Kat talks about yarn so fine, it's become her new boyfriend...wink

Classic Kate knitting and rocking


Eluciq said...

fun times...wish i could knit...but the thought of it right now is just too much...the heat is well...just HOT! it will certainly take some getting use to!

love seeing all those happy faces creating at your place.

miss you...hugs to all of you!
heart ya,
tiff and the guys :)

Chum said...

Living the life, you crazy woman.
Here is a new link for you:

I am a new member and ranges into more of the mediums I like to work in.
Where were all the kids and men?

mamaofsugarpies said...

Daddy took that kids to football practice and then out for Thai food! What a treat for mama:)