Sunday, July 20, 2008

Golden Days Parade

Yet another exciting event to attend in the greater Fairbanks area happened this past weekend. According to the local paper the Golden Days Celebration is one of the largest community events, with activities that lasted all week long. This is an occasion to honor the area's history (check here for more information). Of course the parade was the highlight for my family. Jake & Dad were actually in the procession to support the Fairbanks American Football & Cheerleading League.

There were 103 entrants, all with plenty of flair & presented in a variety of ways. Of course there were handfuls of candy & American flags passed out to the little ones. I have noticed that no candy was throw, but handed to individuals, I wonder if it's to help cut down on the littering??? I definitely like this idea better than when I was a little girl and you had to scramble to get your candy.

There were fancy old cars

floats of all types

the second float was actually pulled by a tractor, look close, see the signs? One says: tractor 1947, and the other sign says: driver 1928.

There was a variety of music

several organizations

but this guy had to be my favorite....the Trashasauras, what a cleaver way to inform people about our growing problem with plastic bags and remind everyone to take reusable totes with them when they shop...

After the parade was over the downtown Fire Station had a very grand open house. Firemen cooked up free hot dogs which were served with chips and sodas. Kids could win a free Hot Licks Ice Cream certificate for promising to check their household fire alarms. They could also spray the water hose at a wooden house on fire and try to knock down the flames, slide down part of the pole and check out the inside of several fire trucks. What a terrific end to a fun filled free family day!


Knitting Mother said...

How much fun!! My favorite part was seeing so many folks in long sleeves in July! (Says the girl cooking in 100 degree Oklahoma heat!)

Eluciq said...

what a great is parades and bbq's that keep you going in the summer months.