Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Relaxing Knitting Retreat!!!

This weekend I packed up my bags, yarn, needles and headed to Mt. Aurora for a overnight retreat of the local Fairbanks Fiberistas, a group of Raverly. The original bunkhouse is located about 20 miles from town at the top of Cleary Summit. The views were beautiful and Brenda took great care of us preparing a spicy taco dinner Friday night, a huge breakfast on Saturday and a light salad lunch before we left. We will definitely be back for another opportunity to unwind on the soft couches, lounge on the deck, and snuggle in comfy beds.

Michelle brought her felting needles and I tried some needle felting. My fairy wasn't anything close to her polar bear, but I think I will have to take one of her classes next fall. She said my older kids would LOVE making felted Christmas balls out of this book and Zoe would be able to sit close to the sink with a pan and water-felt some colorful balls.

The group swapped yarn, shared baked goodies, talked endless about knitting and I even won a Fair Isle Sampler Hat for one of the door prizes! It was an fantastic way to unwind a learn more about my newest craft obsession. As I was getting ready to leave Monica was working on a stunning shawl for her mother with beads added in for an extra sparkle. She told me how she was going to wait until they were leaving to go to church and then she'd say something like, "Oh, wait I think you need this to make your outfit complete." I thought to myself as I was driving down the muddy road back to the main highway, tears welling in my eyes, I will never get to knit something for my my mother for Mother's day (she passed away in 2005 from complications due to breast cancer). It was a sad moment, but then I realized how much like her this whole jaunt had been. She always loved an opportunity to spend time in the company of a great group of ladies.


Eluciq said...

what a wonderful weekend...lucky you to hang with some peeps and a craft!

bunchkin said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! i didnt sign up for it cause i thought tom would be working, but at the last minute he got off anyway! bummer. I am in Anchorage right now, but as soon as i get back weve got to get together! maybe a crazy day of yard saling. :-)

monica said...

now you made my eyes well up... i had no idea about your mom. i guess i take my parents for granted, and you've reminded me not to. thank you :)