Sunday, May 25, 2008


May is always a busy month with the ending of school, graduations, getting ready for summer and planning for vacations, and summer camps. But during this busy month I found the time to finish some much neglected projects.

The first project was from Martha Stewart's Baby Special Issue, winter 2001. I think I was making this adorable book for Ben, who now happens to be five, almost six year old. It turned out great and we can't wait for the new baby in our lives, Blake (I watch him while his mommy finishes her graduate studies a couple of days a week) to enjoy it! My kids have loved taking the felted objects off the buttons and putting them back on if different locations. Who can resist a soft book?

To finish the book you just glue the pages together, glue a few small objects on the front, and blanket stitch down the binding! Now why didn't I finish this years ago?

The second project I finished up was a summer fairy for Zoe. The inspiration for this craft comes from this book. Jake was having a friend visit and I asked her in she was interested in doing a craft project, since her brother and Jake were jumping on the trampoline. She started her own fairy, which inspired me to finish up the one I had started in October. They are fun to make and about the right speed for an eight year old with previous sewing experience.

YES, YES, YES! The greenhouse is done! After a LONG day of working and planting, all of the flowers and veggies are in their proper place hopefully ready for the lengthy Alaska growing season. David added a nice fence around our garden beds so hopefully the moose won't be able to gobble down our plants this year!


Haviland's said...

hello there -
caught up with you after looking thru your blogs
got your link from tiff's entry
glad to see so much happiness - love to visit sometime!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I just love your green house (the raised beds are neat too!)

I'd love to have a green house some day.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

DMOP said...

hey stace! finally able to check out your blog again! your green house looks great! me and tweet were just looking at your pics.
i tried calling few days ago, got to talk to dave...ill try again soon. ok well, im gonna go to sleep soon. love you guys, miss you lots too!


Eluciq said...

I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...that fairy...she is absolutely beautiful! Felt is such a great material to work with!!!!

Of course that green house and fence are pretty sweet!

sarah said...

The fairy and book *are* just great! I am looking forward to summers on the deck and drooling over your bountiful harvest.

Knitting Mother said...

Oooh, I love the greenhouse and love the crafts. You are so crafty! I thought you might like to check out this:
I have a veggie garden and although it is fenced, the deer are jumping over and casing my precious loot. I ordered this from Amazon and it's a blast (pun intended). If you decide to get it, let me know what you think. Hope to see you while you're here.

Anonymous said...

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Susan in Fairbanks said...

Just a comment on the moose,
if the fence is 4ft or shorter, keep tall plants (like sugar snap peas) in the middle of the bed. Moose simply reached over and ate ours one summer, right off the vine.