Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day tribute

Mother's day is always a bittersweet time for me, since my mother passed away just three year ago, but my own children are a constant reminder of all of the things my mother taught me because we tend to pass those things onto our young ones without even knowing. So this blog entry is devoted my mother, who was a truly selfless person. An example: One afternoon while my mother and I were sitting together chatting in over stuffed leather recliners leafing through magazines and talking about the latest fall fashions, waiting for her to be injected with her "toxic cocktail"she began looking around the room and spied a young man probably in his 30's I would have guessed. She said, "Oh Stacy I can't imagine what that poor young man is going through, my heart aches for him." And I am thinking to myself, hello mom you are going through this too, remember not being able to taste your food, or brush your teeth because of the sores in your mouth, and having to wear scarves because your hair is all gone, you don't even have any eyebrows anymore, why not feel sorry for you, or us? She must have read my thoughts because she continued. "Yes, it is unfortunate that I am ill and this cancer is wretched, but I am older and have experienced many thing in my life," she said, but continued to speculate about the young person, "but he must hold down a job, care for his family, wonder of his outcome, and pretend he feels well for his small children." At that moment I knew my mother was the angel I had suspected her to be all along. So here is the short list of what she taught me:

*You can't have too many friends
*Never call boys
*Friends are fabulous, but family is forever
*Always tell the truth, even if it hurts at the time
*Shopping always makes you feel better
*ALWAYS ask to see the dessert menu first (and if you feel you might not be able to eat dessert put half of your meal in a to-go box and order it anyway!)
*Make the beds because you never know who's going to come over
*Lipstick is a MUST to carry in your purse (Merle Norman's Camio Shrimp was her favorite)
*A Dr. Pepper and a little snickers is a great snack, even better split with a friend!
*For special occasions always use the nice china and crystal(don't have either of these yet)
*All outfits must match right down to the shoes and purse
*If you can't say something nice, then just smile
*Take dinner, send a card, or do something special for people who aren't feeling well
*Love thy neighbor
*Always send thank-you notes that are hand written
*Give your time, that shows your love more than anything
*Do your job with great care and love
*Love your husband more each day, just like you did when you were young

Me, Mom, and Rebekah her first grandchild

Thank you for taking this journey with me. This list doesn't even begin to record all of the things my mother taught me, but they give you a general idea as to the kind of person she taught me to be. I wish you all a beautiful and happy Mother's Day.

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