Monday, May 19, 2008

Alaskan "Family" Visit

In Alaska some people come to work here for a few years just to add some adventure to their lives or experience new things. But there are those of us who just can't seem to get it out of their blood and end of staying here maybe for the outdoor life, unique exploits, or just the mystique that captures your spirit and won't let go and along the way you meet friends who become what we have come to call our Alaskan "Family", because they are more than just friends. Yes, the Hum's and Holt's came to call this weekend and a wonderful time was had by all.

There were MANY drinks served, mainly yummy mojito's, strawberry margarita's and a little too much Jack Daniels for Rich and Rick. On Saturday night to go along with the Thai meal that we decided to make in honor of Tiffany's very special 40th birthday (coming up in June) Tina whipped up some Thai coffee....tasty! The kids enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, watching some movies, playing with bubbles, dressing up as fairies(Zoe and Tina), and more jumping! They are probably going to sleep good for a week!

Tiffany brought ALL of the supplies to make tie-dye T-shirts and hankerchiefs. This was the highlight of my boys weekend they said Sunday night at the dinner table when we played High/Low(a great little dinner game that allows each family member to share their day, just tell your High for the day and your Low). Needless to say everyone's low was that our "family" had to go back home.

We can hardly wait for another visit this summer maybe next time we will head down to Talkeetna! There was also talk of a sea-kayak that would be exciting! For more about the visit you can check out Tiffany's blog.


Eluciq said...

WE miss you already!!! :(

Thanks for a great weekend...and we so can't wait for the next one...we just have to add a few days on either side of the weekend...2 days is not enough for all the crafting we need to do!!!!

WE are so lucky to call you our Alaskan FAMILY!

LOVES to YOU and your sugar pies!!!!

Chum said...

Love the blog!
I love even more that you got it started.
I will have to agree with Tiff on this one, more crafting days. A crafting extravaganza. All the same it was more fun than I have had in a long time.