Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.....

Last night Zoe woke David & I up by crawling in our bed saying, "My tummy hurts". Of course our first response, just like every parents' was "Do you feel like you need to throw up?" "No she said snuggling between us....about 10 minutes later she sat up & promptly threw up all over the bed luckily David heard the gurgle coming and sprung out of bed before the chunks landed....I haven't see him move that fast in a while. Anyway, our day was spent relaxing with a late morning, bagels and games, lots of cuddle time for Zoe, the boys all headed outside to play in the VERY large snow piles while Zoe helped me clean up my junky, clothes strewn room...guess that is what happens when you work in retail before Christmas.... David took his $50 snowmachine out for a drive, yes, you read that right....he picked it up at a garage sale this summer. It's a Polaris Trail Touring and it runs like a top, now he's got the fever again, but at least it's not CABIN FEVER:) I thought I would leave you with some of my favorite Christmas items since I've been a little behind on posting them....

This table is located as you come in the house on the right is an Eskimo Santa my mom sent me one year, and on the left are some fluffy snowmen and David's Granny Moore passed on to us

Musk-ox & her baby from Rich Hum

The last year I taught in Teller, Cora, the bi-cultural teacher & I
helped the students sew these keepsake pillows.
The best part was visiting all of the homes to take the pictures!

Alaskan seal skin Ornament also called a crispin
by the ladies from Brevig, Alaska

My Favorite seal skin ornament from Shishmaref

Avdent Calendar, handmade by Nana Nana Hum

Christmas tree pen made by Brenda Pushruk

Zoe's favorite Christmas item, also purchased by my mom.
In fact every Christmas she would purchase a Little People set...
we have most of them including the "antique" styles
from when I was a little girl, but they stay at Papa's for when we visit!


denise said...

Interesting ornaments!

Merry Christmas!

Eluciq said...

I love all your ornaments...but that musk ox is pretty cute.

Bummer about miss zoe...hope she is on the mend.

Happy Holidays! Miss YA!
tiff ;)

sarah said...

Blake would love to play with the Little People animals... although, he is a little bit busy with his 'car wash' set. Miss you guys! Hugs from the Seelen's.

Sharon said...

Oh, I hope Zoe is feeling better and that the rest of you luck out and don't catch it!