Sunday, August 31, 2008

A weekend FULL of friends!

Our very good friend and former student Donna returned to Fairbanks to go back to school at UAF. She just lacks a few hours being a sophomore and is working on a degree in Inupait, but is thinking about changing to math.

We were all thrilled for her to be back in town. Zoe wanted to take her our only sunflower that had bloomed from the garden, we put it in a plastic bottle, wrapped it with some tissue, tied it with raffia, and added a small card. I think Donna liked it and I know it will add some brightness to her dorm room when she moves in on Sunday.

After we picked her up we headed to HOT LICKS a local ice cream store for a yummy treat!

It was the second time we've been there without daddy, so he just may get us, but with the long weekend I am sure we might be able to get him to take us again! Donna enjoyed some strawberry ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone, while Jake and I got a sugar cone dipped in chocolate. Ben and Zoe both loved their Hawaiian Ice. I don't think you can get anything BAD there, so far everything I have tried has been pretty tasty! We have to enjoy it while we can, because they close for the winter soon.
The kids just love playing on the FunTime Park located near there. There are plenty of swings for sharing with friends,

and a merry-go-round that can spin unbelievably fast...sometimes a little TOO fast after a big ice cream cone! On one end of the park there is a small community garden and they planted corn and it's taller than me! What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon with a friend!

On Saturday we all headed off to Jake's football game and boy was it a good one. The Saints were down 0-16 in the first half, but then came back to win the game 19-13. It was a pretty exciting game.After the game we headed to Pioneer Park to enjoy a picnic lunch with our friend Marty-O. She had driven up from Anchorage to show a visitor the sites in Fairbanks. The world is SO small at times, Marty was staying with her friend Mindy, who told her about this nice family she met at a birthday party. They had three kids, and lived in the bush for 11 years. Marty asked Mindy what their name was and it turns out...that family was us....too funny! It was nice to share a picnic lunch with all of those ladies and boy do they know how to pack a picnic! They had some yummy liver loaf, a creamy spinach dip, a fizzy pomegranate drink, and a delicious creamy fruit salad! We added some tuna salad, salmon dip, and watermelon. It was another beautiful sunny, just right for sitting at a picnic table, sharing our knitting, and visiting with Marty and Mindy, while David took the kids to play miniature golf and Judy played tourist at the local gift shops.

You might think that our weekend was quite complete, but Katie will be in town today to start school at UAF. I couldn't be more proud of my two former students, going to school and being all grown up. You might think it makes me feel old, but actually it's just super gratifying to know they are making decisions that will give them an abundance of life choices!!!


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Gasp! Hot Licks!

I'm a friend of Tiff & Rick, got my teaching credential at UAF so spent a year there ... and while there were so many things in Fairbanks, Hot Licks is near the very top of my list.