Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Finally the rain stopped and you would think that I would have had PLENTY of time to blog on all those rainy summer days, but alas our days have been busy with SO many activities:David's 38th birthday::walking the bike path::sitting on the porch knitting::Ben's flag football games::Jake's Rook football games::playing games(our new favorite is Loot, thanks Rohnan and Keegan)::back to work for David::keeping Blake::dinner party with friends::cookout with snores::knitting Olympics::watching the Olympics(yes we got a small TV, no cable)::bouncing on the trampoline::gardening::enjoying blueberry treats(ice cream and blueberry pancakes)::knit night::playing golf::trying a new restaurant Phad Thai::playing faries/Polly Pocket::dressing up and of course all of the other household chores and such.


Knitting Mother said...

Stac, check out my blog entry for today. There's pics of my kids and Marty's son, Caleb, that I thought you might enjoy. Caleb (Marty's son) and Gabe are two peas in a pod. I thought you guys might enjoy.

DMOP said...

so when was daves bday?? HAPPY BELATED BDAY DAVE!!! well, i really cant wait to get back to fairbanks. ill ttyl. i love you guys.