Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun with Family

Flight from Fairbanks to Dallas, Texas ..........$wallet stripping
Drive from Dallas to Oklahoma ......................$120 compared to the alternative $220 each for a flight...yikes
Time spent with our family............................... priceless

We are truly enjoying our family and friends during this trip home. One afternoon we went into Oklahoma City to pick up Granny Moore and take her to lunch at the Bricktown Brewery. Granny wanted to take the kids to one of the free splash parks, but we couldn't find it, but instead we went to Earlywine Public Pool and let me tell you they don't make pools like this when I was a kid. This pool came complete with two water slides a floating turtle slide, two diving boards, and a cool kids splash area. Even Zoe and Ben tried this tower of fun....with Mom and Dad wrapped around them of course. Granny stayed wrapped up in a towel to keep the sun off her, but still wanted to take the kids to get some ice cream to cool off after all of our fun in the sunshine! Thank you great Granny, for a wonderful afternoon.

The boys alway love fooling around with their Grandpa Foshee. He has all kinds of cool toys, including rock tumblers, four-wheelers, wood working tools, a fun new Bolo Golf game (check out how to make one here), and of course what small farm wouldn't be complete without a tractor. After helping Grandpa split and stack wood, Grandpa rewarded the boys with $10 each and a fun ride in the front end loader of the tractor. Granny and Mom were a little worried at first, but Grandpa is a pretty good driver and we stopped fretting and started snapping pictures once our hearts stopped racing! This is something the boys will be talking about for months to come and I am sure it will become a tradition to ride on Grandpa's tractor each time we come to visit.

David and I have enjoyed some time to ourselves one night Granny Foshee watched the kiddos and we went to Norman, our old stomping ground, where David and I went to college. We enjoyed a delicious meal and and some cold drinks at Jason's AKA Franken's great new house. Danika surprised me with a Yarn bag and some knitting magnets! Friends are so throughtful!!! Thanks Danika! Another night Aunt Traci wanted the kids to sleepover so David and I dropped off the kids in the afternoon and were able to hit The Red Cup for some much needed joe and SWAK a sweet yarn store just happened to be next door. They didn't have the Noro, a type of yarn, I needed to finish up a project so we went to The Gourmet Yarn. They had a great selection and were VERY helpful. After that we met up with David's parents and they took us out to eat at a delicious Mexican Restaurant in Shawnee. We even had sopaipillas with strawberries and ice cream! What a relaxing evening!

The fun continued when all of David's cousins on his moms side came out to his folk's house for a night of swimming, more tractor rides, burgers and dogs hot off the grill served with all of the wonderful summer side dishes, plenty of rounds of Bolo Golf, and of course swinging and playing in the sand box! Jake had a great time showing Lauren and Erin (twins) around the ponds, when Zoe wasn't having them carry her around or play babies. David and I both enjoyed catching up with everyone, playing games, and visiting with his Granny Barnes. I think she really enjoyed having all of her "chicks" in the same place for a night of family fun.
These are just a few of the highlights from the week we spend with Granny and Grandpa Foshee. This week we will be at my Dad's house and have plenty more exciting adventures planned with my brother and his family. Stay tuned for more family fun!!!

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Eluciq said...

wow...lots of times for sure with family!

we HEART Davids shirt...that is awesome...giggle :)