Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Baseball Game::Water Fun::Lazer Zone::Papa's Ribs

I am running just a wee bit behind on posting for this blog since we have been SO busy enjoying time with our family and friends. This past week we went to a Redhawks baseball game in Bricktown. When the players leave the field to go to the dug out they would throw the ball to the kids sitting in the stands and both Jake and his cousin Brittany managed to catch a ball!!! But silly Mom forgot the camera...shucks. After the game Jake asked if he could have a mitt and he has had "ball fever" ever since. He even enjoys watching baseball on TV, now really who enjoys that?
Ben had his first "real" sleep over with his cousin Gavin. He enjoyed playing with his pirate ship and all of the kids enjoyed playing in the sprinkler and mud puddles at my niece Rebekah's house. Her daughter Brooklyn and Zoe had a wonderful time dressing up and playing together.

Jake enjoyed throwing the ball around with Rebekah and then the kids headed to the local school yard for a game of ball with David and in this heat(it's been hitting 90 degrees everyday) that is truly special. What a sweet daddy!

Of course one of the highlights for the kids was a trip to Lazer Zone which has video games, batting cages, virtual soccer, NEON bowling (they turn on black lights and everything glows), mini golf, a large play area and a snack center. Of course the best thing about this for the adults is that it is all INDOORS and out of the heat! A good time was had by all, while the kids whooped it up the adults enjoyed catching up!

And what visit wouldn't be complete with out Papa's Ribs! He slow smokes these juicy pork ribs for about eight hours over hickory chips. For years I have tried to get him to open a BBQ stand 'cause he would sell out in a matter of hours each day...yes, they are that GOOD! Thanks you Papa for smokin' us up some yummy southern barbecue.

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umm umm umm - those ribs look awesome!