Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Birthday Wednesday

We celebrated the BIG 40 for me last night, just the family(I was even honored with getting to pick the game..Labyrinth), some yummy Thai food, a delicious fruit tart, and some pretty nice gifts for mama. Including an iphone...yes I guess we are finally breaking down to join the cell phone revolution.


Eluciq said...

Happy 40th birthday...I am a sucky friend...guess I will have to make up for that...hmmmm...somehow...someway!


you and your kiddo's look so HAPPY!

Eluciq said...

Happy Birthday...I gave you a lemonade blog award.

check out my website for more info.

tiff :)

denise said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Laura said...

I want an i phone..and that fruit tart...and the ARtful blogging mag you mentioned last post. I can not find it anywhere? Where did you get it???


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!
Wow, forty and a phone?!?

My 40th was in October and the day before my birthday (or on, I can't remember) I found my first gray hair!! :0

My dh and I (happily) don't have phones, either. Since you have one now, I guess that makes us the last two on the planet.

mamaofsugarpies said...

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!
Tiff, you are FAR from a sucky friend sweetie:)
Laura, I got the ARTful blogging mag at Barnes & Noble.
Stephanie, I'm WAY ahead of you on the grey can always cover it up like me!!! RESIST the cell phone revolution, it only adds another crazy dimension to your life!!

AfternoonMoon said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, by now you have received messaged on your Iphone, there are so many seriously cool add on programs that they have. I am super jealous. I subscribe to "the other guys" so no Iphone for me.

Mon said...

Happy belated Birthday! Yay to Thai food, mmmmm....