Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hot Springs Weekend

Back in January some of our "Alaskan Family" decided to visit to continue celebrating my BIG 40th birthday, yes I pretty much enjoyed presents, phone calls, and well wishes ALL month long....so maybe getting older really isn't THAT bad.

The Hums decided to take me to Chena Hot Springs for an overnight stay for JUST THE ADULTS!!! David managed to get a babysitter for the kiddos, so off we headed, with a stop in town to check out The Stash a store I knew they would appreciate 'cause everything is handmade. We decided to make another stop for some yummy Thai food at Pad Thai. When we got to Chena we decided to play like "tourists" & visit the Aurora Ice Museum to have an "appletini" in an ice glass while checking out all of the ice sculptures. My favorite was the knights on horseback!

You can even rent the place out for weddings, or spend your honeymoon evening on one of their ice beds....not sure if those would be a very "comfortable" way to consummate a marriage, but I am sure it's more about the adventure!

(Preach on brother Dave)

(How did they do that??)

(Looking to the left you can see the bar & stools)


Eluciq said...
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Lisa said...

So neat! I love how the colors look through the ice. I love your blog...I've always wanted to visit Alaska!

Eluciq said...
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