Sunday, February 8, 2009

One a day for 7 days....Yukon Quest!!

Why have I been an absent blogger you ask? Well there are a variety of answers. I was sad for a while, not really sure why, maybe a seasonal thing 'cause of the long dark winters, a food deficiency, a female thing or a I'm not really taking care of myself issue, a shortness of proper rest....maybe I was just due for some sadness, because most of the time I'm a happy-go-lucky person. Even in the midst of my " blue period" I was incredibly whatever the issue, it seems to have passed and I have SO much to blog about. My goal is to make a post everyday for a week! Seems like the right think to do in order to catch everyone up on the VERY EXCITING events that have occurred in the past....month....has it really been THAT long...yes, just two days shy.

Today we watched our friend Charlie Allison win the Jr. Yukon Quest!!! CONGRATULATIONS CHARLIE!!!(Charlie headed for the finish line)

(Race officials make sure he's carrying the proper supplies)

(Charlie stops for a picture with mom)


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