Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Lost tooth, a ballerina, and a bucking seesaw???

These first few weeks of school have been filled with so many exciting new things for our family. Today while eating an apple Ben lost his first baby tooth!!!! Then while eating some Papa Murphy's pizza he lost his other bottom front tooth! We set one down and it got lost, those suckers are TINY, but we put the other one in a special treasure box and wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking her and I quote, "Could you please leave some money, it really doesn't matter how much." Hopefully she'll remember to visit tonight and just in time..... there is a new Waldorf inspired wooden toy store in town with some VERY cool items I know the kids will love. Zoe already got to check it out one day and made out her very LONG wish list for her upcoming birthday.

Zoe has been asking to take dance lessons, so we enrolled her in ballet and tap class at Mo Holland's Dance Studio. Of course she just had to have the purple dance outfit and mama even fixed her hair...daddy says the only time she gets if fixed is when Donna visits. Donna can actually fix it MUCH better than I can. Zoe just LOVED her first day following the teacher's lead and trying out new steps, taps, and shuffles,

along with some tumbling at the end followed with a stamp for a job well done!

Jake....well I guess he's just getting some energy out after getting adjusted to long days in the classroom,

and he was very happy to have some time to spend with his buddy Blake. As soon as Jake got in the truck, Blake's face just lit up and he started giggling.

And as for the mama, well mama got a job. A few weeks ago I went for my first interview in 13 years. Yes, you read that right. Although I worked off and on for Bering Strait, I never had to interview with them....they just gave me a job, so I haven't done any interviews since I got my first teaching job in 1997! I must have done something right, 'cause I'll be working a couple nights a week and some on the weekend at Barnes and Noble! Yep, I'm going to be a bookseller and a mama. Hope I can remember how to manage both.

As for the daddy, well he just wants to know if he can buy a boat now. We'll have to see about that one. His year is going pretty well. The school district has adopted something called the Fish Philosophy, based on the Seattle fish market. It seems to be boosting moral and encouraging positive thinking!


Chum said...

LOVE the ballerina. Soo cute, and those missing teeth, ohh my. Too much sugar in those sugar pies, sugar mama. ;)
And HOLY COW,, a job!! Are you crazy? ;) Well congrats.. and I know you will be good at whatever you do!!

Jill said...

Zoe is adorable in her ballet class...It brings fond memories of Ann Massey at the catholic church. I loved LUAN.
Tell Ben that at our home the tooth fairy leaves extra money if the kids pull their own teeth...Mama doesn't do that!
Miss you much..Love you...Jill

Eluciq said...

Wow...your life seems so full and filled with happiness.

Barnes and NOble...I am jealous...I would have been all over that kinda job...but their is no B & N near I guess full time kindergarten is just like it...ha :)


DMOP said...

SO CUTE!!! love the pics. zoes hair looks so cute. hopefully ill be able to fix it tomorrow. and ben looks so cute, they finally came out.