Monday, October 20, 2008

Exhibit Night

We can't say enough good things about the school the boys are attending this year. They are just loving everyday!!! So near the end of each quarter the school has what they call exhibit night. It is a time for the parents, teachers, and students to gather, have some yummy dinner, take a tour of the classrooms to see projects the students have been working on in their various classes, and watch students perform on stage in the gym.

This exhibit night was put on by grades K-2, so parents with students in those grades helped out by bringing items for the meal and helping with set up, running the silent auction, serving dinner, cashiering, or clean up. After we arrived we decided to have dinner first and boy did we enjoy those yummy soft tacos with salsa, sour cream, and chips on the side. Jake decided to pass on dinner because he was performing that night for his "On Stage" class and he had been pretty nervous for the past couple of days. So after dinner I went up to check on him. All of the girls in his class were wearing the elaborate costumes that they worked on themselves and applying make-up to decorate their faces. Their teacher had them do it all, from rewriting the script to fit the time constraints for the event, to making costumes and props! What great experiences!!

Jake was a little too shy to wear his full costume. I just don't get it, 'cause he dresses up all the time at home??? His teacher understood that his "Eskimo" shyness was coming out and didn't make him put it on....he said it was too embarrassing with so many people. His Dad said he didn't blame him...he doesn't like being in from of people much either. In the picture below, Jake is playing a bird, nesting in Rafunzel's hair, one of the fractured fairy tale performances. Others included Spiderella and Slurping Beauty.
Ben's classroom also performed. They are leaning SO much sign language, his teacher Mrs. Lessley is VERY good!! Along with singing the alphabet song forward and backward WITH signs! They have also learned many other songs including their version of "Humpy Dumpty" shown here (sorry about the cut off, we're still not great with video recording):

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess who's birthday?

As I walked down the beach with my round belly bulging against my too tight jacket, looking for sea glass or "gillies" as some good friends call them. I was thinking to myself, " I can't wait to meet you my little sugar pie. I know you are going to be so sweet and gentle and graceful! David and I had driven into town for "one last date" before this little one came. We had planned to have a relaxing dinner and maybe see a movie at the new theater, but of course when we got to town, the weather was just perfect for a stroll along the beaches of Nome.

Now you might be able to guess who was born on this day four years ago by looking at this picture, what every young parent dreams of .....the papa rocking the baby to sleep for you.
And just look at how much the birthday girl has changed in just two short years. This was a birthday celebration in Koyuk.

And last night we had a birthday dinner with a few friends and Zoe enjoyed opening her presents, and blowing out her candles. We'll celebrate more tomorrow with cupcakes at her preschool classroom and just the family at dinner!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The last load......

Winter came a little too quickly this year and were we prepared? No, we're still "developing" on our "preparing for Fairbanks winters" standards. A few things still on the list are getting the wood stove installed, windows sealed...the list is lengthy), but there was one that cost us....we didn't get the snow tires(with studs) on our truck soon enough. What might you ask happened as a result? ....SMACK went the truck against a tree. Yes, I was going a little too fast down the driveway, didn't have it in low gear, there was newly fallen snow, and my brakes locked up and well you get the picture..... cause I was too shaken up to take any.
At least we got one last load in the truck before I totaled it. We miss it 'cause it's hauled many a things for us and others over the past few years.

Just a few weeks early this had been the conversation D & I had:

S: I don't want to drive that BIG 'OL ( LONG bed) truck all over town with a plow on it. It is hard enough to drive as it is and you can't park it anywhere.

D: Looking at me with no sympathy since his rig is older than mine and pretty beat up. Ok then we can switch cars.

S: Not the answer I wanted...give the look. What do you think about a KIA? It would get good gas mileage and we could just park the truck and use it for plowing and when we ALL need to fit to go in town.

D: Always the voice of reason. We can't buy a car right now, you'll just have to drive the truck or my car.

S: Pouts like the spoiled child she is and gives D that look that says, you should give me what I want because I am a princess Fine.

So when I got on the phone to called D after trekking up our LONG driveway....his response: of course first he asked if I was OK and I was, just extremely shaken and a lovely bruise appeared later across my chest and under my breast where my seat belt had been and Zoe, although her feet were cold from the walk, again not prepared for winter, she was unfazed and not a bruise on her, thank goodness! Then he said, I guess you really did want a new car.... and I am sure he wanted to say, but you didn't have to wreck my damn truck.

Well after all was said and done...I got my "new" car, it's an "03 Toyota Sequoia with an extra seat in the back and I just LOVE it, but I don't recommend having to wreak to get what you want!!!