Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess who's birthday?

As I walked down the beach with my round belly bulging against my too tight jacket, looking for sea glass or "gillies" as some good friends call them. I was thinking to myself, " I can't wait to meet you my little sugar pie. I know you are going to be so sweet and gentle and graceful! David and I had driven into town for "one last date" before this little one came. We had planned to have a relaxing dinner and maybe see a movie at the new theater, but of course when we got to town, the weather was just perfect for a stroll along the beaches of Nome.

Now you might be able to guess who was born on this day four years ago by looking at this picture, what every young parent dreams of .....the papa rocking the baby to sleep for you.
And just look at how much the birthday girl has changed in just two short years. This was a birthday celebration in Koyuk.

And last night we had a birthday dinner with a few friends and Zoe enjoyed opening her presents, and blowing out her candles. We'll celebrate more tomorrow with cupcakes at her preschool classroom and just the family at dinner!


Chum said...

This is absolutely the sweetest heart warming blog post ever. What a way to celebrate your child. Thank you!
and of course
We will have to celebrate when we come. Will ben mind? Perhaps one day for Zowie, one day for Ben, and what about the missed Dave and Stacy Birthday..

Eluciq said...

wish we could be their to last year...we still have great memories...mostly of jerry playing mr. potato heads.

and they are "gillies"...we miss walking the beach!

and tina is so right this is a sweet post.