Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 Weeks to a Handmade Christmas

Change, it seems to be the sentiment of the country right now....and in my life....well adding new things and constantly learning and growing are some of the things that I embrace hole heartily, for myself and my family. Yesterday I realized that in order to reach the lofty goal of hand making gifts for everyone on our Christmas list, I was going to have to streamline my schedule.

Where do we find time to do it all in this fast pace world?.... go green, eat local, buy organic, tend a garden, chop enough fire wood for the winter, find musical outlets for your children, work with real art mediums, make sure they are getting enough sleep, reading intriguing literature, having family dinner and chatting about our day, paying the mortgage, watching your budget, saving to send 3 to college, yikes.....then there is what life is all about...... sharing time with friends and family. After all isn't that why we do all we do....our quest to come home, spend time with family, relish the special moments with friends, have me time.

This bring us back to the planning, I realized that there were roughly 6 weeks until Christmas and although I usually work at B & N on Saturdays I have the afternoons off, that leaves time for the kids and I to make 6 different crafts. Plus they get out of school early on the last three days before their Christmas break....what a perfect time for baking all of the goodies we will share with teachers, staff, friends, and family! If you are looking for craft ideas check back every Sunday, 'cause I hope to be posting our projects......ssshhhh but not too much.... somethings we might just have to keep hush, hush, you can't ALL know what we're makin' ya!

Yesterday I had some time to check out a special knitting book and get a little knitting done. One of the books that I think I might pick up is Knitting for Peace. I have decided that even though I am going to make many gifts, I might also have fudge purchase a few books too! After all who can resist BOOKS....not this bookseller(D says I am only working for books....which is kinda true, but still worth it).

This hardback has such wonderfully creative ways to give back, which is something that I think is on our minds as the "giving" season approaches(with our Nation in a recession)...... that it made me cry. Maybe it was just because I was reading the section about two high school friends who became reacquainted because they were both cancer survivors and it's also the time of year when I miss my mom the most. The friends came up with an idea to start a yarn shop, devoting the proceeds to cancer research, victims and the like. This book is filled with delightful heartfelt stories and easy patterns along with the Knitting for Peace logos which can be transferred onto your work for that extra special touch.

After some tearful reading, I was actually able to finish up one of the projects that I have been working on Maine Morning Mitts from The Book of Yarn, another great book,.....I don't even want to tell you how long it's been on the needles and now I just have to make the other one! So I guess I better get to knitting!

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Eluciq said...

really...6 weeks...YIKES!

I wish we had time together, so we could sit and craft away a weekend.

I love this is flying by...we do need to stop and absorb the life around an active participant in the NOW!

miss you bunches.